Friday, 24 November 2017

Reading Challange

24th of November
Hello bloggers today i am going to talk about reading challenge.
So today we had to do a poster presentation about my reading groups.The one i did was Enid Blyton because that was the group i was in.First i am going to talk about what went well?
the thing that went well was we were kind of working as a team and we all spoke by one by one as we were telling the class about Enid Blyton so yeah i think we did pretty well.The next thing i am going to talk about is what i would change in my group?The thing i would like to change in my group is put more information in the page because i felt like there was less information in the page.Did you work well together.Yeah i thing we did well with our reading challenge cause we explained everything well.
So yeah that was my reading challenge 
of what we did.
That's it for from Levi
see you next time
bye bye


  1. Nice work levi that has go vocabulary next time put some spaces after the full stop