Friday, 24 November 2017

Reading Challange

24th of November
Hello bloggers today i am going to talk about reading challenge.
So today we had to do a poster presentation about my reading groups.The one i did was Enid Blyton because that was the group i was in.First i am going to talk about what went well?
the thing that went well was we were kind of working as a team and we all spoke by one by one as we were telling the class about Enid Blyton so yeah i think we did pretty well.The next thing i am going to talk about is what i would change in my group?The thing i would like to change in my group is put more information in the page because i felt like there was less information in the page.Did you work well together.Yeah i thing we did well with our reading challenge cause we explained everything well.
So yeah that was my reading challenge 
of what we did.
That's it for from Levi
see you next time
bye bye

Monday, 20 November 2017

Athletics Day

Kia ora bloggers,
Today i am going to talk our school athletics,
So athletics day is when you have sports like high jump, tug of war and other awesome stuff.When we had athletics day it was in 13th of november.Also the athletics day was held in hay park school field.The team i was in was blue team,it was kind of fun to be blue because that was i school colour and we could,just wear i school uniform.My favorite activity was tug of war because we got to use all of our strength in it and we got to pull the rope really hard.I think our team did pretty good in athletics day but we came 6th place which is not bad at all.Our chant was our team is blue dynamite x2 our team is tic x13 blue dynamite.At the end i think lots of people supported us in sprinting and they also cheered for us while we were doing our other sports.
So year that was the best day of my life

Friday, 29 September 2017

End of term 3

Hi blogers
today i was talking about end of term 3.
I dont want to leave school because then i will miss all of my freinds but at the same time i will get over it and just be chilling in my bedroom
So yeah

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Tristar gymnatics

Hi bloggers,Today it was a exiting day because we got to go the tri start in  ount roskill next two camron 1`pooles.Even people were there two like ethan,kane,miss berry and our class witch is called henderson.

We did lots of activties that we did.My favrouite thing was the trampoline cause you could go high.I would not like two do it again because i will not be here.I would rate it 5/5 because it was fun.

I wish two do it again next year but i will not be here nest year because i will be gone to intermedet school.So yeah so sad.

Any that all i have to day for today bye bye for now.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Levi What is collaboration?

Hi blogers
Today i was doing collaboration for cybersmart.It was fun because we had to find out what collaboration ment two right it on our google drawing.I wish to do it again but a diffrent one cause it was fun.
Anyway guys that is all i have to say for today.
Bye bye.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


Camp 2017
On Wednesday 29th on july it was a very Exciting day because i was going to camp.It was my first time going to camp before.When i woke up i had to get all my bags ready to go.After that when i got to school i had to put my bags next to the hall door where that littel room is.I was feeling a bit down because this was my first time going away from my grandperents.After when everyonegot to thes hall we had to wait for the bus to arrivre for us to pick us up.Our camp was at long bay where the beach was. When all of the children and all the perents and also teachers,the first activity we did was planting where the beach was.I was having fun planting because it was my first time planting ever in my life.I dug 5 plants in the sand becasue i was enjoying my self and i could not get over it,so thats why i dug 5 plants.On thursday group 5 did archery with dave and this other Instructor witch i do not know his name because i forgot.First step was to line up in a stright line and also wait for our turn.